Our Telehealth program lets you see a specialist or other health care professional who is out of your area without having to travel to the office. You see, hear and talk to the specialist using a camera and computer screen located at one of our care locations. The specialist can also see, hear and talk to you.

This is a convenient service for patients who need quick medical advice and have a difficult time making it to the doctor’s office. Telehealth is quickly becoming a mainstay in medical services.

How it works

Like any visit with your doctor, any communication you have through Telehealth remains confidential. Doctors are in private rooms when speaking to patients. The only other person who knows you call in is the care coordinator, who will not be listening to your conversation.

You can then discuss whatever you need to with your doctor. You may need to move your camera around to assist the doctor in answering your questions.

Appointment Request

If you would like to book an appointment simply fill out the form below and our office will call to confirm your appointment.